About Us


Kind, Fair, Effective... & Fun!

As a full member of the APDT I am strongly committed to employing only kind, fair & effective, non-coercive, training techniques, based on modern scientific studies of how dogs learn.  

We want all dogs to learn without the use of force, fear or intimidation.

We therefore do not condone the use of choke chains, prong, shock or spray collars, rattle bottles, pet correctors, shouting or physical punishment.

Kinder, reward based methods are used to ensure reliable long term results. 


Our Principles

At Black Diamond Dog Training we believe that everything a dog does is for a reason. To us humans, certain things may seem pointless, but for your dog there will always be a purpose.

Our aim is to help you to see the world from their point of view & to discover why they do the things they do... things which may not always seem appropriate to us! If we understand why something is happening we are better equipped to guide the dog into making better choices.

Through all of our training we also put an emphasis on having fun & building the relationship between you & your dog. We believe that a strong relationship with good communication is the basis of successful training.


Your Trainer

I'm Jane Hartharn and I share my home with my very best friend... Dylan, a large mongrel.

I had previously owned a number of rescue dogs, but in 2007 I took on my biggest challenge. Dylan was then 18 months old and had been in rescue kennels for 6 months. Our first couple of years together were a steep learning curve... & so my passion for dog training began!

Together we have worked through many issues & against the odds, our biggest achievements have been completing the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme & spending a number of years working as part of The Tailwagger Club Display Team.

During this time I also completed the Trainer Development course with The Tailwagger Club & then went on to become a full member of the APDT. I am also an assessor for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with many dogs & have attended various training & behaviour seminars & workshops. These have covered a variety of topics & many have been with highly respected, well know trainers including Ken Ramirez, Chirag Patel, Kathy Sdao, Sarah Whitehead,  Leslie McDevitt, Roger Abrantes, Dr Nick Dodman, Patricia McConnell, Brenda Aloff, Dr Amber Batson & Craig Ogilvie. 

This is something I continue to do to ensure I keep my knowledge & skills up to date with the latest techniques.

I have also attended workshops on Canine 1st Aid & CPR, Tellington Touch, Animal Communication, Emotional Freedom Technique & Shiatsu. I am a Reiki 2 Practicioner & have also obtained the Reiki for Animals certificate.